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pdfCanti firmi guidelines
pdfFirst Species guidelines
pdfSecond Species guidelines
pdfThird Species guidelines
pdfFourth Species guidelines
pdfFifth Species guidelines
pdfTrichords, Tetrachords, Pentachords, Hexachords I
pdfTrichords, Tetrachords, Pentachords, Hexachords II
pdfGregorian Modes / Church Modes
pdfJewish Prayer Modes
pdfModern Western Modes
pdfModes III
pdfScales I
pdfScales II
pdfCarnatic Melakarta
pdfHindustani Thaat
pdfArabic Maqam
pdfTurkish Makam
pdfPersian Dastgah
pdfAzeri Mugham
pdfJavanese Pathet
pdfRhythm and Time Signatures I
pdfRhythm and Time Signatures II
pdfKey Signatures I
pdfKey Signatures II
pdfIntervals I
pdfIntervals II
pdfVoice Leading Guidelines
pdfPart Writing Errors
pdfSeventh Chords
pdfCadences I (what they teach you in school)
pdfCadences II (what they don’t teach you in school)
pdfNon-Chord Tones
pdfWriting for Piano
pdfModulation I
pdfModulation II
pdfBinary Form
pdfAugmented Triad
pdfDiatonic Harmonic Sequences
pdfChromatic Harmonic Sequences
pdfAugmented 6th Chord
pdfSonata Form
pdf12 Tone Theory
pdfNegative Harmony
pdfNeo-Riemannian Theory