6/4 Chords

Passing 6/4 and 4/3 chords
pdfmp3Maier, Amanda, 6 Pieces for violin and piano, mvt. III, mm.1-5
pdfmp3White, Joseph, Zamacueca for violin and piano, op.30, mm.1-9
pdfmp3Price, Florence, Dances in the Canebrakes, No.9 Silk Hat and Walking Cane, mm.1-13
pdfmp3Schumann, Clara, Sonata for piano in G minor, mvt. III, Scherzo, mm.41-48
pdfMIDIPrice, Florence, Levee Dance, mm.1-4
pdfmp3Montgernoult, Hélène de, Three Sonatas for piano, Op.1, No. 1,
mvt. I. Allegro con spirito, mm.53-62 (good example of chordal 7th resolving up, one of the
only exceptions! I–V4/3–I6). Link to performance
Pedal 6/4
pdfmp3Castellanos, Rafael Antonio, Pastoras alegres, (villancico genre) for SSA, 2 violins, and continuo,
mm.86-92 (full recording)
pdfReichardt, Louise, 12 Songs, Op.3, No.8 Kaeuzlein, mm.1-2
(Unable to find recording at this time.)
pdfmp3Auenbrugger, Marianne, Keyboard Sonata in Eb major, mvt. I, Moderato, mm.1-11
pdfmp3Bologne, Joseph, Sonata No. 2 in A major, mvt. II, Andantino, mm.1-10
pdfmp3d’Agnesi, Maria Teresa, Sonata for piano, mvt. I, Allegro moderato, mm.1-10
pdfMIDIJohnson, Francis, Cotillions, Second Set, No. 12, Castillian, mm.1-8
pdfBrandenstein, Caroline von, Violin Sonata in D major, mvt. I, Allegro, mm.1-10
(Unable to find recording at this time.)
pdfmp3d’Agnesi, Maria Teresa, Non piangete, amati rai, Aria IV, Larghetto, mm.18-24
Robert Kendrick, editor (V7 chord in m. 23 is missing the 3rd) F Dorian key signature
pdfMIDIDouglass, John Thomas, The Pilgrim, Grand Overture, Allegro Vivace, mm.13-16
Cadential 6/4
pdfmp3Szymanowska, Maria Agata, Six Minuets, No. 1 Allegretto, mm.1-10
pdfmp3Louise, Farrenc, Sonata for violin No. 2, Op.39, mvt.III, Adagio, mm.1-4
pdfmp3Holland, Justin, An Andante for guitar, mm.21-24
pdfmp3Bologne, Joseph, Symphony No.2, Op.11 mvt.III Presto, mm. 56-67
pdfMIDIJohnson, Francis, Cotillions, First Set, No. 4, second section, Caroline, mm.9-16
pdfmp3Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich, Album for the Young, No. 23, In Church, mm.9-12
(also contains V/III)
pdfMIDICallejo, Fernando, Ecstasy, Romance, Andante espressivo for piano, mm.1-8
(also contains a passing V4/3 and Dominant 9th)
Passing and Cadential 6/4
pdfMIDIMayer, Emilie, Drei Lider, Op.7, No. 3 Wenn der Abendstern die Rosen
Andantino, mm.5-12
Pedal and Cadential 6/4
pdfmp3Brady, William, Anthem for Christmas, Andante Pastorale, mm.1-6
pdfmp3Farrenc, Louise, Violin Sonata No. 2, Op.39, mvt. I, Grazioso, mm.1-17