Diatonic Sequences

*Since some of these pieces have never been commercially recorded, MIDI has been substituted.
D2 (-5/+4)
pdfmp3Jacquet de La Guerre, Elisabeth, Sonata No. 1 for violin and continuo, mvt. I mm.33-40
(No tempo marking given for the first movement.) (Basso continuo realized for pedagogical reasons)
pdfmp3Jacquet de La Guerre, Elisabeth, Pieces de Clavecin, Suite in F Major, mvt. Tocade, mm.32-34
(measure numbers begin after the unmeasured introduction)
A2 (+5/-4)
pdfmp3Rogers, Clara Kathleen, Romanza for piano, Op. 31, Larghetto, mm.25-30
A2 (-3/+4) and A2 (+5/-4)
pdflinkJacquet De La Guerre, Élisabeth, Pièces de Clavecin, Suite No. 5 in D minor, Courante, mm.13-21
(There are two sequences in this examples) (audio link should start at 1:19:27)