Electronic Music / Electroacoustic / Installations

linkCiani, Suzanne, A Masterclass In Modular Synthesis (official website)
linkCiani, Suzanne, Buchla Concerts 1975 (full album)
linkCiani, Suzanne, Improvisation on 4 Sequences(live @TivoliVredenburg Utrecht)
linkDerbyshire, Delia, Delia Derbyshire documentary
(Graphic notes and scores can be found at the DD Archive at the John Rylands Library)
linkDerbyshire, Delia, Celestial Cantabile
linkSpiegel, Laurie, The Expanding Universe (1980) FULL ALBUM
scoreSpiegel, Laurie, Score to Moving to New York, for 2-channel electronic tape
linkSpiegel, Laurie, Waveshaper TV Ep.6 (Part 1 of 3: Bell Labs)
linkSpiegel, Laurie, Drums (1975)
linkSpiegel, Laurie, Unseen Worlds (1991) FULL ALBUM
linkNova, Jacqueline, Cantos de la Creación de la Tierra (1972)
linkNova, Jacqueline, Oposición-Fusión (1968)
linkOliveros, Pauline, The Power of Listening | Red Bull Music Academy
linkOliveros, Pauline, The Wanderer (1984) Full Album
linkOliveros, Pauline, The Roots of the Moment
linkObadike, Mendi and Keith, Introduction / Bio
linkObadike, Mendi and Keith, What Direction
linkObadike, Mendi and Keith, softshell
linkLeite, Vânia Dantas, Di-Stances (1982)
linkChin, Unsuk – Allegro ma non troppo for solo percussion and tape
linkEl-Dabh, Halim, World and Electronic Music Pioneer Halim El Dabh, Reflections
linkEl-Dabh, Halim, Crossing Into The Electric Magnetic Album (2001)
linkIkeda, Ryoji, Profile –  a hypnotic audio-visual explosion
linkIkeda, Ryoji, Supercodex Album (2013)
linkChavez, Maria, Profile – New Sounds Presents
linkChavez, Maria, Maria Chavez live at LUFF 2015
linkCarlos, Wendy, Demonstration of Moog Synthesizer in 1970
linkCarlos, Wendy, Tron Suite
linkBaker, The Honourable Elizabeth A., FIELD STUDIES – FP031320
linkBaker, The Honourable Elizabeth A.,retrospectiveDisconnect – Official Trailer