Mediant and Subtonic

*Since some of these pieces have never been commercially recorded, MIDI has been substituted.
pdfmp3Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel, Four Characteristic Waltzes, Op.22, No. 1 Valse Bohémienne,
Allegro ma non troppo, mm.1-17
pdfMIDIReichardt, Louise, 12 Songs, Op.3, No.7 Die Wiese
(also includes V/iv)
pdfMIDIReichardt, Louise, 12 Songs, Op.3, No.8 Kaeuzlein
(also includes V/V)
pdfMIDIMontgeroult, Hélène De, Three Sonatas for piano, Sonata No. 1,
mvt. 1, Allegro con moto e espressione, mm.20-28
With minor v as a passing chord
pdfmp3Barrios, Agustin, Gavota al Estilo Antiguo for guitar,
pickup to mm. 34-41