Graphic Scores / Instruction Based Scores

linkCage, John, Song Books, Volume 2, Solos for Voice 59-92.
pdflinkOliveros, Pauline, Sonic Meditations, (1974)
pdflink 1

link 2
Cage, John, Water Walk, for solo television performer
linkCage, John, Radio Music for eight radios
pdflinkCage, John, 4’33” I. – ca 30” II. – ca 2’ 23” III. – ca 1’ 40”
pdflinkCage, John, Aria, for voice – any range. To be performed alone or with Fontana Mix,
or any part(s) of Concert for Piano and Orchestra
pdflinkCage, John, Variations I. for David Tudor
pdflinkCage, John, Variations II. for any number of players and any sound producing means
pdflinkCage, John, Variations III. for one or any number of people performing any actions
pdflinkCage, John, 27’10.554″ For a Percussionist
linkCage, John, Renga, for any instruments and/or voices