Pivot Chord and Direct Modulations

*Since some of these pieces have never been commercially recorded, MIDI has been substituted.
Pivot Chord Modulations
pdfmp3Sirmen, Maddalena Laura, Trio Sonata in C Major, P.L.2.2 for two violins and continuo,
Vivace, mm.1-13 (Basso continuo part realized by Megan Lavengood with some articulations edited by D Mendoza)
pdfmp3Velásquez, José Francisco, Filiae Regum, for two horns, two violins, two sopranos, and continuo,
mm.8-19 (transcribed by Pedro Chacón)
Direct Modulations
pdfmp3Ponce de Leon, Esteban, (Friar) Vendi, Venid Deidades, Opera Serenata, XI Aria mm.19-26
pdfmp3Maier, Amanda, Six Pieces for violin, No. 6, Allegro, ma non troppo, Frisch, schwedisch
pdflinkHolland, Justin, An Andante for guitar, mm.1-24
pdfMIDIWilliams, Henry F., The Parisian Waltzes, No. 3, mm.1-23
(introduction section D to b to D)
pdfmp3Nepomuceno, Alberto, String Quartet No. 2, mvt. I. Allegro con fuoco, mm.1-18
(also contains a Ger+6 of V)