Supertonic and Submediant

*Since some of these pieces have never been commercially recorded, MIDI has been substituted.
ii / iio and inversions
pdfmp3Barthélemon, Cecilia, Sonata for harpsichord, Op.3, mvt.I Allegro vivace, mm.1-14
pdfmp3Bologne, Joseph, Sonata for harpsichord and violin in Bb major, mvt. I Allegro, mm.1-8
pdfmp3Andrée, Elfrida, Two Romances for violin and piano, mvt. II Allegro, mm.1-4
pdfmp3Presti, Ida, Six Etudes for guitar, No. 1 Vivace, mm.1-17
pdfmp3Farrenc, Louise, Les Italiennes, Op.14, No.1 Cavatine de Bellini’s Norma, Finale,
Alla Polacca, moderato, mm.1-8
pdfMIDIMayer, Emilie, Drei Lieder, Op.7, No.3 Wenn der Abendstern die Rosen,
Andantino, mm. 5-8
pdfmp3Campos, Juan Morel, La Incógnita, danza para piano, mm.10-17
ii7 / iio7 and inversions
pdfmp3Farrenc, Louise, Sonata for cello, op.46, mvt.II, mm.1-4
pdfMIDILe Beau, Luise Adolpha, Elegy, op.44, mm.1-16
pdfmp3Leonarda, Isabella, 12 Sonatas, Op.16, Sonata No.3, mvt. I, Adagio, mm.1-5
pdfmp3Schumann, Clara, Sonata for piano in G minor, mvt. III, Scherzo, mm.41-48
pdfmp3Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich, Album for the Young, No. 23, In Church, mm.29-32
vi / VI and inversions
pdfmp3Taki, Rentaro, Two piano pieces, No.2 Urami, (Regret),
pdfmp3Mussorgsky, Modest, Au Village for piano, Grandioso. Meno mosso,
mm.17-24 (also contains the iii chord)
(Beware, this example contains a V-iii DC and a ii-I plagal cadence)
pdfmp3Boulanger, Lili, Two Pieces fo Violin and Piano, mvt. II, Cortège, Pas vite, mm.1-8
vi and ii
pdfmp3Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich, Album for the Young, No. 1 Morning, mm.1-4