Supertonic and Submediant

*Since some of these pieces have never been commercially recorded, MIDI has been substituted.
ii / iio and inversions
pdfmp3Martines, Marianna, Sonata in G for Harpsichord, mvt. III. Allegro Assai, mm.1-11
(Link to recording)
pdfmp3Castellanos, Rafael Antonio, Pastoras alegres, (villancico genre) for SSA, 2 violins, and continuo,
mm.56-63 (link to recording)
pdfmp3Barthélemon, Cecilia, Sonata for harpsichord, Op.3, mvt.I Allegro vivace, mm.1-14
pdfmp3Bologne, Joseph, Sonata for harpsichord and violin in Bb major, mvt. I Allegro, mm.1-8
pdfmp3Andrée, Elfrida, Two Romances for violin and piano, mvt. II Allegro, mm.1-4
pdfmp3Presti, Ida, Six Etudes for guitar, No. 1 Vivace, mm.1-17
pdfmp3Farrenc, Louise, Les Italiennes, Op.14, No.1 Cavatine de Bellini’s Norma, Finale,
Alla Polacca, moderato, mm.1-8
pdfMIDIMayer, Emilie, Drei Lieder, Op.7, No.3 Wenn der Abendstern die Rosen,
Andantino, mm. 5-8
pdfmp3Campos, Juan Morel, La Incógnita, danza para piano, mm.10-17
ii7 / iio7 and inversions
pdfMIDIVelásquez, José Francisco, Filiae Regum, for two horns, two violins, two sopranos, and continuo,
mm.1-7 (transcribed by Pedro Chacón)
pdfmp3Farrenc, Louise, Sonata for cello, op.46, mvt.II, mm.1-4
pdfMIDILe Beau, Luise Adolpha, Elegy, op.44, mm.1-16
pdfmp3Leonarda, Isabella, 12 Sonatas, Op.16, Sonata No.3, mvt. I, Adagio, mm.1-5
pdfmp3Schumann, Clara, Sonata for piano in G minor, mvt. III, Scherzo, mm.41-48
pdfmp3Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich, Album for the Young, No. 23, In Church, mm.29-32
vi / VI and inversions
pdfmp3Ponce de Leon, Esteban, (Friar) Vendi, Venid Deidades, Opera Serenata, VIII Coro (Aria Alegre)
pdfmp3Taki, Rentaro, Two piano pieces, No.2 Urami, (Regret),
pdfmp3Mussorgsky, Modest, Au Village for piano, Grandioso. Meno mosso,
mm.17-24 (also contains the iii chord)
(Beware, this example contains a V-iii DC and a ii-I plagal cadence)
pdfmp3Boulanger, Lili, Two Pieces fo Violin and Piano, mvt. II, Cortège, Pas vite, mm.1-8
vi and ii
pdfmp3Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich, Album for the Young, No. 1 Morning, mm.1-4