Leading-tone (viio and viio7)

pdfmp3Taki, Rentaro, Two piano pieces, No.2 Urami, (Regret) mm.38-end
pdfMIDIBrandenstein, Caroline von, Violin Sonata in D major, mvt. II,
Rondo grazioso, mm. 81-88
pdfmp3Barrios, Agustin, La Catedral for guitar, mvt. III, Allegro solemne
mm. 23-30 (also contains the vi7 chord)
pdfmp3Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel, Three Humoresques, Op.31, No.1
Presto, mm. 322-end
pdfmp3Maier, Amanda, Six Pieces for violin and piano, mvt. I, Allegro vivace,
mm. pickup to 49-53
pdfmp3Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich, Album for the Young, No. 11, Mazurka, mm.1-4