Augmented Sixth Chords

*Since some of these pieces have never been commercially recorded, MIDI has been substituted.
(sample assignment with answer key available here)
German sixth
pdfmp3Boulogne, Joseph, Sonata No. 2 for violin and harpsichord, Mvt. II,
Andantino, mm. 215-220
pdfmp3Schumann, Clara, Soirées Musicales, No. 6 Polonaise,
Non troppo Allegro, mm.1-13
pdfmp3Burleigh, H.T., Sometimes I feel Like a Motherless Child, mm.11-20
pdfmp3Barrios, Agustin, Allegro Sinfónico for guitar, mm.58-68
(also contains CTo7)
pdfmp3Barrios, Agustin, La Catedral for guitar, mvt. II Andante religioso,
pickup to mm.17 to first two beats of 22 (also contains N6)
pdfLang, Josephine, Ostern for piano and voice, mm.7-24
(also includes change of mode F to fm mod. to Cm mod. back to F)
pdfmp3Szymanowska, Maria, Six Menuets, No.2, Quasi Allegro, Trio Section, mm.1-16
(also contains applied sevenths)
pdfmp3Szymanowska, Maria, Four Preludes, No. 3 Presto in E major, mm.1-9
pdfmp3D’Auenbrugg, Marianne, Sonata in E Flat Major, mvt. I Moderato, mm.74-79
(also contains V7/iv)
pdfmp3Barès, Basile, La Capricieuse for piano, Valse, Op. 7, mm. 36-51
pdfmp3Agnesi, Maria Teresa, Ulisse in Campania, opera for voices and orchestra,
First Part, Overture, Allegro, mm.1-10
pdfmp3Nepomuceno, Alberto, String Quartet No. 1, mvt. I. Allegro agitato, mm.1-9
(This example contains parallel 5ths from Ger+6 to V chord)
(Also good example of passing minor v chord on the last eighth note of m. 1)
pdfmp3Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel, African Dances, Op.58, I. Allegro, mm.157-end
(recording link)
pdfMIDIMayer, Emilie, Three Songs for soprano and piano, Op.7, No. 2, O lass mich dein gedenken,
mm. pickup to 15-24 (also contains CTo7)
Italian sixth
pdfMIDIAgnesi, Maria Teresa, Ulisse in Campania, opera for voices and orchestra,
second part, 7th section, Larghetto, mm. 50-55
pdfmp3Andrée, Elfrida, Piano Trio No.2, mvt. I Allegro agitato, mm.1-8
pdfMIDIDouglass, John Thomas, The Pilgrim, Grand Overture, Allegro Vivace, mm.13-20
pdfmp3Mendelssohn, Fanny Hensel, Lockung No. 1 from Gartenlieder, Op. 3,
(pickup to m.10) mm.9-16
(also an example of mode mixture and passing minor v)
pdfmp3Martines, Marianna, La Tempesta (cantata), mm1-8
(recording link)
pdfmp3Boulogne, Joseph, String Quartet No. 3, Op. 1, mvt. 1, Allegro Assai, mm.1-6
(recording link)
German and Italian
pdfmp3Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich, Album for the Young, No. 19, The Nurse’s Tale, mm.1-6
(also contains ctd triad in mm.1-2)
French sixth
pdfMIDILang, Josefine, Two Mazurkas, Op.49, No.1, mm.62-71
pdfmp3Barrios, Agustin, La Catedral for guitar, mvt. I, Preludio saudade,
pdfmp3Dett, Nathaniel, Cinnamon Grove, mvt. II, Adagio cantabile, pickup to mm. 9-16
pdfMIDIGarcia, José Mauricio Nunes, Libera me, SATB and continuo, mm.1-12
(also contains a chromatic D2 sequence, and a passing minor v)
Swiss sixth
pdfmp3Soro, Enrique, Piano Sonata No. 3 in D Major, mvt. I. Allegro con energia, mm.1-4
Common-Tone Augmented 6th Chords
pdfmp3Mahler, Alma, Licht In Der Nacht for voice and piano, mm.1-7
(recording link)
pdfmp3Jaëll, Marie, Feuillet d’album for piano, mm.39-45
Secondary +6 Chords / Deceptive or Irregular Resolutions
pdfmp3Burleigh, H.T., Rocks, Don’t Fall on Me, mm. 29-36
(Ger+6 resolves to IV instead of vi)
pdfmp3Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich, Album for the Young, No. 20, The Witch, mm.1-8
(Ger+6 more the product of neighboring motion, resolution to i6 but not a secondary +6)
pdfmp3Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich, Album for the Young, No. 2, Winter Morning, mm.1-12
(It+6 of I m.1, Ger+6 of I m.3, It+6 of I m.4) (link to recording)