Modal Mixture

*Since some of these pieces have never been commercially recorded, MIDI has been substituted.
MIDILang, Josephine, Ich Möchte Heim!, Op.41, mm.1-15
pdfMIDILang, Josephine, Ostern for piano and voice, mm.7-24
(also includes Ger+6 with change of mode F to fm mod. to Cm mod. back to F)
pdfMIDIReichardt, Louise, 12 Songs, Op.3, No.10 Der Mond, mm.9-33
pdfMIDIWhite, Joseph, Nouvelles Etudes for violin with violin accompaniment,
Op.33, No.1 Moderato, mm.1-8
pdfmp3Schumann, Clara, Sonata for piano in G minor, mvt. III,
Scherzo, Leggieramente, mm.13-20
pdfmp3Andrée, Elfrida, Julstämning for piano, mm.1-4
Also contains example of pedal 6/4
pdfmp3Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel, Forest Scenes Op.66, mvt. IV,
Erstwhile They Ride, The Forest Maiden Acknowledges Her Love, mm.9-16
III, iv, VI, bVI, bVII
pdfmp3Mussorgsky, Modest, Pride for voice and piano, Marziale Pomposo, mm. 1-8
i, bIII, bVI
pdfmp3Carreño, Teresa, Deux Esquisses Italiennes, Op. 33, No. 1, Venise, mm.49-59