Periods and Sentences

Parallel Interrupted Period
pdfMIDIJohnson, Francis, Cotillions, First Set, No. 5 – William, mm.1-8
pdfmp3Le Beau, Luise Adolpha, Drei Clavierstücke, Op.1, No.2, Leid, mm.1-8
pdfmp3Bologne, Joseph, String Quartet No. 4, mvt. I. Allegro Moderato, mm. 1-9
pdfmp3D’Auenbrugg, Marianne, Sonata in E Flat Major, mvt. II Largo, mm.1-8
Contrasting Interrupted Period
Parallel Sectional Period
pdfMIDISancho, Ignatius, Minuet No. 7, mm.1-16 (without repeats)
(sentences embedded within antecedent and consequent phrases)
Contrasting Sectional Period
Parallel Continuous Period
Contrasting Continuous Period
pdfMIDIIgnatius Sancho, Minuets, No. 3 (without repeats), mm.1-16
(sentences embedded within antecedent and consequent phrases)
pdfmp3Gambarini, Elisabetta, Six Sets of Lessons for the Harpsichord, Op. 1, Minuet from Sonata No. 3, mm.1-16 (ignore the repeats)
Parallel Progressive Period
Contrasting Progressive Period
pdfmp3Ignatius Sancho, Minuets, No. 10 (without repeats), mm.1-16
pdfmp3Bon, Anna, Six Sonatas, Sonata No. 4, mvt. II Largo, mm.15-22
pdfMIDISawyer, Jacob, J. Welcome to the Era, March, Con Spirito, mm.5-12
Double Periods
Modified Periods
Asymmetrical Periods
Phrase Groups