Sample Assignments

Sample Assignments (Created and analyzed by D.D. Mendoza)AssignmentsAnswer Key
*The Kostka/Payne/Almén method of writing 6/4 chords is used here. Feel free to change it to the V 6/4–5/3 label
1aTetratonic / Pentatonic / Hexatonic I.AssignmentKey
1bTetratonic / Pentatonic / Hexatonic II.AssignmentKey
2aModes I. AssignmentKey
2bModes II.AssignmentKey
3aCadences I.AssignmentKey
3bCadences II.AssignmentKey
4aTonic / Subdominant / Dominant I.AssignmentKey
4bTonic / Subdominant / Dominant II.AssignmentKey
5aLeading Tone I.AssignmentKey
5bLeading Tone II.AssignmentKey
6aNon-Chord Tones I.AssignmentKey
6bNon-Chord Tones II.AssignmentKey
7aFirst Inversion Chords I.AssignmentKey
7bFirst Inversion Chords II.AssignmentKey
8a*Six Four Chords I. AssignmentKey
8b*Six Four Chords II.AssignmentKey
9aSupertonic and Submediant I.AssignmentKey
9bSupertonic and Submediant II.AssignmentKey
10aPeriods and Sentences I.AssignmentKey
10bPeriods and Sentences II.AssignmentKey
11aDiatonic Sequences I.AssignmentKey
11bDiatonic Sequences II.AssignmentKey
12aApplied Chords I.AssignmentKey
12bApplied Chords II.AssignmentKey
13aChromatic Sequences I.AssignmentKey
13bChromatic Sequences II.AssignmentKey
14aPivot Chord / Direct Modulation I.AssignmentKey
14bPivot Chord / Direct Modulation II.AssignmentKey
15aBinary Form I.AssignmentKey
15bBinary Form II.AssignmentKey
16aMode Mixture I.AssignmentKey
16bMode Mixture II.AssignmentKey
17aN6 Chords I.AssignmentKey
17bN6 Chords II.AssignmentKey
18aAug. 6th Chords I.AssignmentKey
18bAug. 6th Chords II.AssignmentKey
19aCTD 7th Chords I.AssignmentKey
19bCTD 7th Chords II.AssignmentKey
20aSonata Form I.AssignmentKey
20bSonata Form II.AssignmentKey
20cSonata Form III.AssignmentKey
21a12-tone I.AssignmentKey
21b12-Tone II.AssignmentKey
22aNegative Harmony I.AssignmentKey
22bNegative Harmony II.AssignmentKey
23aNeo-Riemannian I.AssignmentKey
23bNeo-Riemannian II.AssignmentKey